Hot tub energy efficiency

Energy is valuable and shouldn’t be wasted, which is why these hot tubs have been designed to use resources economically and efficiently. This is down to the full foam insulation as well as piping that has been reduced by up to 90%. Most of the pipes run through water, so the warm water in the tub stops them from cooling down. Furthermore, the energy-saving hot tub cover prevents heat loss, and that not only on cold winter days.

Lower maintenance and operating costs

Data shows that hot tubs from Villeroy & Boch are one of the most energy-efficient hot tubs in their class.* Villeroy & Boch hot tubs use the patented JetPak therapy system. This technologically advanced and ultra-efficient water supply system needs up to 90% less piping. Together with the full foam and more efficient features, this system will help you save energy and ensures that you can relax without having to worry about your energy bill.

The JetPak therapy system saves energy

Because Villeroy & Boch hot tubs are built completely differently, they need about 90% less piping than conventional hot tubs. Fewer pipes equals less friction and in turn less energy used to get water to the jets. Moreover, most of the water supply system is located inside the native H2Air distributor in the JetPak submerged in the hot water. Any heat from water in the JetPak distributor is transferred directly to the hot tub water rather than being lost to the cold outside environment. This unique and patented energy-saving concept keeps energy bills surprisingly low, allowing you to simply lean back, relax and enjoy the moment.

Full foam hot tubs

Villeroy & Boch’s full foam design insulates the hot tubs completely to prevent heat loss. Every single hot tub model meets or exceeds the stringent energy guidelines of the California Energy Commission (CEC). Thanks to their excellent energy efficiency, you will enjoy saving money each month almost as much as you will enjoy relaxing in your hot tub.

Villeroy & Boch hot tubs use an energy-efficient foam throughout the interior to lock in heat. Infrared thermal images show the difference that full foam insulation makes. A full foam insulated Villeroy & Boch hot tub locks in the heat, ensuring that very little escapes to the outside. As you can see, a poorly insulated conventional hot tub loses more heat to the outside environment, requiring the hot tub to use more energy to keep the water warm.

*Energy calculation is based on data from the California Energy Commission and the US Energy Information Administration.